The Neocon Plan to Dismantle Russia

For the past generation NATO and the Pentagon have been following a strategy developed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish-American immigrant who became the national security adviser of the USA under President Carter and has continued to play a prominent role in public affairs since then.

Stephen Morgenstern

The Brzezinski Plan included encouraging the independence of Ukraine in order to prevent the resurrection of Imperial Russia, as well as encouraging the expansion of NATO into the Baltic states. Brzezinski’s end game is to partition Russia into three smaller countries to ensure that Russia never rises again.

While there has been no “hot war” for most of the past twenty five years, the USA has been militarily encircling Russia like a python, slowly squeezing in on Russia’s borders with NATO.

The sleeping bear was allowed to lie, until 2013 when Russia came back onto the international stage. Obama had planned to invade Syria on the pretext that Assad had used chemical weapons. Putin unexpectedly stepped in and negotiated for Syria to destroy its entire chemical weapons stockpile. This stopped the planned US invasion. In response to this embarrassing diplomatic defeat, Obama activated the Euromaiden project, which had been planned for years. Russia could not be allowed to interfere with the American hegemon, so Obama targeted Russia’s weak underbelly of Ukraine.

Since the start of Euromaidan, Obama has borrowed a script from the playbook of Ronald Reagan that was used to bankrupt the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. This plan included negotiating a collapse in oil prices with the Saudis in order to reduce Russia’s primary source of income, getting Russia bogged down in a military quagmire (Afghanistan), and attacking the Ruble in the currency markets. This time Ukraine was substituted for Afghanistan, but the basic plan remains the same.

TNS-Russian-aircraft-1Coming out of the economic collapse of the 1990’s, Russia had been regaining her international political and military strength. However, she finds herself massively outspent by the USA and NATO. Facing a similar triple play against her that was used successfully against the Soviet Union in the past, Russia has hunkered down to survive the economic sanctions and currency manipulation, and limited her military engagements to the minimum necessary to slow down or disrupt the NWO agenda in Ukraine and Syria.

Russia’s activities in Ukraine and Syria, and diplomatic leadership in organizing the BRICS development bank as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are signs of a determination not to be snuffed out by the New World Order.

This time the outcome of the US economic war on Russia may be very different from 1991. Russia has been actively challenging the “petrodollar”, which is the use of the US dollar as the primary currency for buying energy and precious metals. This is America’s greatest strength as well as its greatest weakness. The petrodollar allows the US Federal Reserve to create virtually unlimited amounts of money that other countries trade for, so they can buy energy. This forces the rest of the world to subsidize the American economy.

Vladimir Poutine

By organizing the BRICS bank and using Russian oil money to buy gold, Putin is attacking the petrodollar. With a large gold stockpile to back the Ruble, Russia is in a very different position than in 1991. It is the USA that is overextended this time around.

It remains to be seen whether the deep state will succeed at dismantling Russia. Every passing day that objective becomes more difficult as the powers behind the NWO face their own debt crises.

As a nation, Russia is determined to survive and prosper.

Source : The Neocon Plan to Dismantle Russia